Mehron Celebre Pro HD Pressed Powder


Mehron Celebre Pro HD Pressed Powder

Mehron Celebre Pro HD Pressed Powder

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The ultimate limited-edition professional makeup palette created exclusively for renowned makeup artist Mimi Choi.  Mimi’s makeup designs are adored by hundreds of thousands of fans across the globe.  Now you can re-create her amazing looks and invent your own using this all-inclusive palette.  Every Mehron product you need to create astounding illusions of your own!  Mehron’s Mimi Choi Illusion Palette, 4 diverse products totaling 12 shades of professional makeup, including:

Top Row: Celebre Pro-HD Cream Foundations (201-EI, 201-MED1, 201-EC, 201-DK4)
Celebre professional cream foundations deliver satin-smooth, buildable coverage with a dewy finish. Perfect for all skin types, Celebre is enriched with the nourishing properties of pomegranate, vitamin E, and aloe!

Middle Row: Paradise Makeup AQ Face & Body Paints (801-W, 801-B, 801-SC, 801-DBR)
Mehron’s top rated professional body painting makeup delivers rich pigments in opaque hues.  Water activated, Paradise AQ’s semi-soft matte makeup is the preferred choice of award-winning artists around the globe!

Bottom Row (#1 & #4):  Mehron E.Y.E Powder (207M-CN & 207M-EO)
Our professional matte finish eye shadows are velvety soft and blend effortlessly to define the eyes. The advanced formula contains vitamin E and shea butter!

Bottom Row (#2 & #3): Mehron’s INtense-Pro Pressed Pigments (160-CB & 160-GR)
Truly distinctive pressed shadows in a matte finish.  Their lavish formulation and plush texture deliver the ultimate in color saturation!

  • Mehron’s acclaimed Beauty and Body Painting Makeup combined in one amazing palette
  • Includes products and shades hand selected by Mimi Choi to create her world renowned makeup illusions.
  • Every Mehron product needed to enable novice to expert artists to create astounding looks inspired by Mimi Choi.
  • Pressed powders and water activated paints in one palette gives unlimited possibilities. 
  • Made in the USA with highest quality ingredients.
  • Vegan, Cruelty Free and Paraben Free.
  • Limited edition, available while supplies last. .
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Mehron Illusion Palette by Mimi Choui

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