ProAiir Solids Waterproof Make-up


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ProAiir Solids Waterproof Make-up

Create water resistant, smudge proof effects with the ProAiir Solids Alcohol Activated Make-up! Perfect for hot, sweaty of wet events.

This hight pigmented Hybrid formula is great for brush and sponge to create water resistant Masterpieces.

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ProAiir ProLong Makeup Barrier extends the durability of your ProAiir Hybrid or ProAiir Ink face and body designs.  This special formula is clear and can be applied by airbrush (PSI 35) , mist (included) on or even sponge. Allow to dry before touching.  When applying with sponge, dab on only as rubbing will rub off the underlying makeup.  Set with baby powder or translucent makeup powders. When used over water base makeup it helps reduce smudging. 

Remove with liquid soap first - rinse with water after.  

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ProAiir ProLong

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